Monday, October 25, 2010

Sinatti Pop @ Bloodsports Video Shoot & in the Studio

Sinatti Pop, Chris, and I drove to Philly to meet Bloodsport and get some music finished in the Studio. Bloodsports video shoot was great!  Its for his new song called "Cocaine".  We ended up hanging around the shoot for about four hours and got to meet a lot of Bloodsports people.  Later that night, we hit the studio hard and started a new track.  Sinatti Pop's album is going to be HOT!!  Keep a lookout for a collab between Sinatti Pop and Bloodsport and other Philly artists!

Shout outs to Bloodsport, FIQ, Reek, Get Busy Entertainment, Bundles, Yates, and everybody else for a great time at the video shoot!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Message From Sinatti Pop

I just wanted to share a message from Sinatti Pop with everyone.

"Ay Peeps, we got an official blog finally !!! ..check it out - - I will also add a link to asap ..anyway It will be written from the perspective of my manager, Heath's a behind the scenes look at everything including the progress of my first album literally while I'm making it, I'm about 1/2 way done the entire process now ...Also, I have 2 full length music videos being made right now, one for "Everybody Know My Name" and one for "Kiss The Sky" they should be ready in the next month or so ..both with free download links for the full songs ..MUCH MUCH MORE ON THE WAY !!! ..& thank you everyone so much for all your support & comments ...believe it or not this shit really matters to the big shots watching, they want to see a buzz, so please keep the comments, ratings & subs coming, it really can help me ..tell a friend to tell two more ! _ UNO _ Sinat"

He posted this on his youtube page.  

If you haven't checked it out yet, you should take a quick peek.  It has a lot of his music, including collabs, snippets from his album, and more!  

Monday, October 18, 2010

Teaser for "The Making Of..." documentary

Pop Blog #1


Hello everyone,

This is the official blog of Sinatti Pop.  You may be asking yourself "WTF is a Sinatti Pop?"  By following this blog, you will eventually find out.  Below is an introduction to "The Making of..." project.

Sinatti Pop

 Sinatti Pop is a rapper from Pottstown Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia.  Currently, Sinatti Pop is finishing his first album, "The Making of..." which will be available for free download early next year.  He is continually making music, so keep checking his Youtube for new collabs.  Also, a few singles from his album will be released early with music videos, so keep your eyes out for these early releases.

The Team

Working behind the scenes we have Chris Glakas, Pat Nunez, and myself (Heath Schneibolk).  Together, we are able to help Sinatti Pop get his music to his audience.

Chris is in charge of media relations.  Not only does he create most of Sinatti Pop's videos,but he is also working on a documentary that will follow Sinatti Pop as he finishes his album and releases it to the world.  With his creativity, he is able to capture the work that really goes behind making a hit album and the work it takes for an independent artist to get discovered.

Pat is the workhorse behind "The Making of..." project. Whatever needs to be finished, he gets it done.  His expertise include repairs, off the wall ideas, and hard work.  Without Pat, we would never get to events on time, meet our deadlines, or be as organized as we are.  He also contributes greatly to our creative process, coming up with off the wall ideas that always "might just work" but in the end, become a great success.

Heath Schneibolk
My duties are basically coordination.  I contact and speak with all promoters, booking agents, as well as help create marketing strategies.  In conjunction with Chris and Pat, my ideas are put into action, and help create an organized plan of action.

Shout Outs
Sam Lemberg

Things to Look Out For
Everybody Know My Name music video
Kiss The Sky music Video