Monday, October 25, 2010

Sinatti Pop @ Bloodsports Video Shoot & in the Studio

Sinatti Pop, Chris, and I drove to Philly to meet Bloodsport and get some music finished in the Studio. Bloodsports video shoot was great!  Its for his new song called "Cocaine".  We ended up hanging around the shoot for about four hours and got to meet a lot of Bloodsports people.  Later that night, we hit the studio hard and started a new track.  Sinatti Pop's album is going to be HOT!!  Keep a lookout for a collab between Sinatti Pop and Bloodsport and other Philly artists!

Shout outs to Bloodsport, FIQ, Reek, Get Busy Entertainment, Bundles, Yates, and everybody else for a great time at the video shoot!

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